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Feeling Good!

Only one rule: feel good about yourself

Only one rule: feel good about yourself
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This is a rating community not based on looks only, but it's about how you feel about yourself. So if you feel you're pretty, although others don't always agree with you, this is the place for you! If you want to join, fill in this survey and show us three (no more, no less!) pics of yourself; one has to be an unusual pic (don't care what you're doing, making a funny face, picking your nose, hiding behind something, it can be anything, really!)

Where did you hear from us? (give the username of the one who promoted us):

What are your favorite colors? Why?:
What are your favorite bands (name 5)?:
What are your favorite tv-shows?:
What is your favorite book? Why?:
What are your favorite movies?(name 5):
Who's your favorite actor/actress?:
What are your favorite songs?(name 3):

*Feeling good??*
What do you like about your looks?:
What do you like about your personality?:
Is there anything you want to change about your looks?:
Anything you want to change about your personality?:
Are you happy?:
What makes you happy?:
What makes you unhappy?:
What's your 'feeling good'-song?:
What's one of the craziest things you've ever done?:
If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be?:
If you were told you were going to die in exactly 24 hours, what would you do?:
Any special talents, phobias, fears, or just other random things that make you unique?:

Give you opinion about...
Premarital sex:

*Last ones...*
Why should we accept you?:
Make us laugh:
Promote this community (using the promotion pics) in 1 community and 1 journal:
Your pictures (two normal ones one weird one, and please tell us which one you would like to see on our info page once you're accepted):

Here's the code for the survey, copy-paste it and fill it in!

Applying Members
1)You have to feel good about yourself
2)Post three pictures with your application, no more no less! You can show us more pics after you've been accepted. This community isn't about the way you look but about the way you feel. The only reason why we ask for pics is because we want to know who we're talking to!
3)Fill in the survey
4)Place everything behind a LJ-cut. Don't know how? Go to Livejournal's FAQ!
5)You may only post on your own post before you are stamped!
6)If you get rejected, you can always try again :)
7)To make sure that you've read the rules, post 'I feel good!' in your subject line!
8)You need to promote this community somewhere and give us the link!
9)If you promote other communities, although you're NOT stamped, I'll delete the post, so don't even try, it's just a waste of time!

1)Be honest, if you don't like someone, you can tell them that but you have to tell them why.
2)NO judging on looks! If I see that someone regulary judges the appying members on looks I will delete your membership (after a warning of course). You can always apply again to become a member.
3)I don't care if you're also a member from communities who do base their memberships on looks, I don't care if you often reject members there, but if I see that you reject people in a really mean way (like 'even my grandma is cuter than you' or 'you like like that monster that almost ate me in my dream last night') I'll delete your membership here.
4)You can promote communities here, but only ONCE a month. I'm tired of seeing promotion after promotion after promotion. THANKS!
5)You need to promote this community twice a month. Leave the link to where you promoted here in the entry that the Head Mod makes specifically for promotions that month. please & thnx

_addicted_xo <-???


promotion pictures

Lay-out made by kendallia
Stamps made by dazedangel4
Promotion Pictures made by dazedangel4
icon made by dazedangel4
angelina stamps and promotion picture made by sweet_mysery9
catherine zeta jones/reese witherspoon promotional pics made by bubblyheather

pink_is_pretti for promoting without being a member
butterfly1804 for acting childish and calling this community stupid after she was rejected
inthespotlight_ for voting without being a member
wingzero6911 for promoting without being a member

If you have any ideas, concerns or anything let me know! Thanks ♥ h9

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