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Name: Mandy Louise Adams
Age: 18
Location: Illinois, USA
Birthday: 8-16-86
Where did you hear from us? (give the username of the one who promoted us):

What are your favorite colors? Why?: I love blue and orange. I like the way they make green. I also enjoy tranquility at times and wackiness also
What are your favorite bands (name 5)?: Styx, Queen, Eagles, Beatles, Temptations
What are your favorite tv-shows?: Family Guy, Futurama, Lost, Spongebob
What is your favorite book? Why?:  Temp the Devil...It was the first romance novel I ever read full of eccentric characters and an adventurous plot.
What are your favorite movies?(name 5): Napolean Dynamite, Princess Dairies, Remember the Titans, Austin Powers, Chicago
Who's your favorite actor/actress?: I can't decide between John Stewart and Louis Black. I like Julia Roberts.
What are your favorite songs?: Lean on Me, Your Song, and I wanna hold your hand

*Feeling good??*
What do you like about your looks?: I like my red hair, my eyes, my boobs, and my muscles in my right arm not as much in my left
What do you like about your personality?: I like my eager to please personality mixed with my sense of humor
Is there anything you want to change about your looks?:  I don't know maybe smaller fingers and tighter calves
Anything you want to change about your personality?: I would like to be able to change my anger levels and how i deal with frustration                                                        

Are you happy?: Yes! I am actually very happy with my family, my friends, my school, and my job
What makes you happy?: My job working in the Emergency Room, my best friend Mariya, my boyfriend Nate, my MOM... she is my hero
What makes you unhappy?: Witnessing sickeness and death at my job, fights with my friends and or mom, and feeling like a failure
What's your 'feeling good'-song?: I would have to say that when I listen to "Your Song" by Elton John.. In a sense i feel like the world is wonderful because I am here
What's one of the craziest things you've ever done?: I am generally not a crazy person.. so i would say jumping off a roof into a pool
If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be?: I would want to meet Barbara Walters.. I loved watching her on 20/20. She really opened my eyes are whats going on in our country and abroad
If you were told you were going to die in exactly 24 hours, what would you do?: Well first of all i would panic but then i would make ammense with all i have harmed.. and then i would spend the rest of the time talking individually with everyone who is pecial to me.
Any special talents, phobias, fears, or just other random things that make you unique?: I have a fear of bridges, my dreams are always violent and I like tuna, but not seafood

Give you opinion about...
Abortion: I don't condone it or have done it myself.. but i believe that its a woman's decision rather or not to have one
Premarital sex: I am catholic, but i don't judge people who have had sex before marriage.. i believe if you really do love that person that sex is another way of expressing your love for that individual
Alcohol: Well considering the first time i ever felt loopy was in a mexican restuarant after i downed two strawberry margaritas not knowing they were not virgins.. i would say alcohol is not for me....I also dislike my father's drinking and his families.
Drugs: I don't do them.. I plan on being clean my whole life... But i don't judge those who do drugs.. once again its the person's decision what to do with their lives

*Last ones...*
Why should we accept you?: Well I am very happy with myself and I want to join a new Community and make new friends..
Make us laugh: My friend asked for her birthday three things.. 1. cowboy hat 2. cake 3. stripper .. i told her i wouldn't know where to get cake in this town..
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I am the red head!! (I would like to choose this one)

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